Are you preparing a long-awaited presentation?

Do you prepare a long-awaited presentation and wonder how to revive it effectively? If you need to revive or support your speech, use our flipchart offer. Flipcharter fits wherever you need to be supported in a lecture before the audience. It will increase your attention to your presentation, and you can be sure that your listeners are listening carefully.

Our flipchartsare unique for their construction with an aluminum frame, which is much firmer than the plastic. You can find different designs and variants from the classic magnetic ones to those on wheels or with pull-out shoulders. In addition to this offer, we can also offer you accessories and consumables for flipcharts.
With us you have many advantages

Because we want to be a quality shop with quality services. We put a seven-year warranty on each of our goods, outside of consumables. And since we have almost 100% of our offer in stock, we can ship immediately to you. So don't hesitate and buy our flipcharter.

Elegant sets for your branches

Are you looking for beauty, elegance and comfort for the perfect living of your small branches? We have for all the great offer, elegant sets to the rooms of your branches. Such children's furniture, you can choose, according to your wishes and tastes, and also spatial options. It is of high quality, in many color variants and other options, for a great selection of the right ones.

Amazing size
Children's furniture, which you can choose from our huge offer, is beautiful and amazing sizes. Depending on your spatial options, you will choose the kits or kits that fit your own. If you need only individual parts, such a offer is possible with us. So please watch our offered sets and kits that you will enjoy very much.

Floating floors

Who wants to have a floor covering in the home, which is easy to maintain and suitable for allergy sufferists, will choose a floating floor. They have, among other things, the advantage that they fit almost every room. The only thing that boings to them is moisture and water.
The market offer is wide enough to choose from. It is a good idea to choose a company for laying a floating floor, which is a guarantee of professionalism, quality and reliability. All customers will find real professionals who perfectly understand their work, in the company Plancher s.r.o.
High-quality floating floors for you
Plancher offers a range of high-quality floor coverings, where they are waiting for their candidates and high-grade floating floors. They are waiting for you along with the perfect service.

Mácha Lake Chalets

Every year we solve where to look for a holiday. Where to go, where it would be the best… Every year it is the same, we postpone our decisions until it is almost too late. What do you try differently this year? What to try Mácha's Lake huts? Wouldn't that be nice there, nice?
The answer is, of course, one big yes! Otherwise, we wouldn't ask so stupid… Mácha's Lake Cottage offers a very pleasant environment, in addition to the beautiful nature. The proximity to the water promises water fun, sunbathing, but also hiking and other experiences you will not be deprived of.

Lake Hut
Having your own chat at the lake is a dream of many of us. Whether we are more adventurous or more peaceful, we don't have to worry about not finding the right thing about living at the water. Mácha's Lake Chatka offers us this very likeable form and so it would be a great shame not to use it, don't you think?

You can also book your car

Be modern and start using the services offered by car rental. Delivery and return of the car at any time and at your chosen location. Lots of quality and regularly serviced cars. All this and a lot of other advantages can be found here.
Visit our website to learn everything you need. Just a few minutes ' time to find out that car rental from a proven professional is the best choice. We rent cars highly reliable, without advertising banners and with unlimited kilometers. Where else can you offer such a service and at prices so low that it does not want to even believe it. You can also book your car and stand in a queue of satisfied customers.

What is included in the rental price?
The car rental includes all maintenance and service, statutory and emergency insurance, delivery and return of the car, motorway stamps as well as a map of Prague and the whole Czech Republic.

Mácha Lake Chalets

Mácha's Lake Cottage offers you an ideal place for lovers of monuments and nature. We are located in Staré Splavy, which are only a few minutes from Macha Lake-the largest pond in the Liberec region. Thanks to this, among other things, you can use a steamboat cruise on the lake, as well as to borrow pedal boats and boating.
In our area of the Chalet Village Elite is a fully accessible restaurant with a dining room. The Wi-Fi network is also a matter of course for us. Mácha's Lake chalets are the right choice for your holiday. Do not hesitate to book with us a stay, which is possible anytime in the months of May-September.
Ideal place for school events
Mácha's Lake chalets are fully equipped also for school events, which can be arranged full or half-board. For children there is a large use in the area itself (fireplace, trampoline), however, our recreational Centerelite is also suitable thanks to very good accessibility for various school trips, from the zoo to the castles and the museum.

Nice detail

You build a house, but do you feel that there is something else to perfection? Do you need high-quality roof windows? For us this is no problem, we stock a sufficient supply for everyone. You can choose whether you are more suited to wood or plastic, the guarantee will be given to both of them. The glass is hail-resistant, so you don't have to worry about your safety.
Home delivery
You can order goods with us without problems online, we have sufficient stock, including various accessories. We are able to dispatch the goods within three working days at the latest, so you will not have to wait too long for your order. In addition, if you choose to pay with cash on delivery, you won't have to wait for the payment to be registered in our system and the order will be sent immediately.

It won’t cost you anything

Are you worried about the old, scratched and ugly glass on your car? It is time for our professionals and trained technicians to replace it. Give your pet the care of Carglass Prague, where our engineers will take care of its front or back glass.
If you need help, there is no better way than to turn to the Prague car glass, which will help you to deal with your problems, such as broken or damaged front or rear glass, nonstop. It will help you with any problem that occurs.
Employee Tip
The glass on your car will be taken care of by trained and professional technicians who undergo various trainings to continue to adhere to the latest technological and working procedures. We want the Prague car glass to fulfill all your imaginations and to make sure your glass on the car is best taken care of.

Brochure Racks

Choose the best brochure stands with us. Their use can be very wide, depending on the type of stand you choose. And believe that we really have a lot of them. For example, racks with a clip frame are perfect for conferences, hotels, car dealerals. Take a look at our site.
There is, of course, much more. All in a very high-quality metal design. This ensures a sleek look and excellent stability. We look forward to your interest in these products and we believe that we will be extremely pleased with them. Your B2B Partner, s.r.o.
A gentle approach to customers
Customers are the most important to us, so we do our utmost. Whether they buy brochure stands or boards or carpets, their satisfaction is an absolute priority for us.

Choose from our great offer the right announcement

Are you looking for the right wedding announcement that accurately captures you and your big day? With us you have rich possibilities to create a great and original design of the look, material, text and font. We have a number of different technologies for producing announcements, both traditional and less common and very modern.
Choose a unique offer with us. We have a wedding announcement of different types, and you can obviously completely design your own. Choose from various kinds of papers, prints, graphic layouts, texts, colors. We have wedding wishes and invitations.
Non-traditional processing methods
For your original wedding announcement We also have unconventional methods of quality printing, such as screen printing, blindness or cuts, but also much more.