Are you preparing a long-awaited presentation?

Do you prepare a long-awaited presentation and wonder how to revive it effectively? If you need to revive or support your speech, use our flipchart offer. Flipcharter fits wherever you need to be supported in a lecture before the audience. It will increase your attention to your presentation, and you can be sure that your listeners are listening carefully.

Our flipchartsare unique for their construction with an aluminum frame, which is much firmer than the plastic. You can find different designs and variants from the classic magnetic ones to those on wheels or with pull-out shoulders. In addition to this offer, we can also offer you accessories and consumables for flipcharts.
With us you have many advantages

Because we want to be a quality shop with quality services. We put a seven-year warranty on each of our goods, outside of consumables. And since we have almost 100% of our offer in stock, we can ship immediately to you. So don't hesitate and buy our flipcharter.