Choose according to profile, colors, fittings and opening-windows

Do you know why plastic windows are practically the most widespread type of windows on the market at all? First of all, thanks to their properties-at a great price it offers acceptable use of comfort, durability, soundproofing and also thermal insulation. Often, this last aspect is the most important thing that people prefer when choosing Windows-Thermal savings.
Plastic windows

The company Decro Bzenec has been on the Czech market since 1995, which means that we have been offering quality at reasonable and affordable prices for 18 years. And we didn't stay in a single assortment. We offer plastic windows, but in our offer you can find also plastic doors or new and winter Gardens.
Against each other

Many people are against each other when they do not want to buy quality plastic windows. Nor is it that this investment can be returned to them in two or three years.