Choose from our great offer the right announcement

Are you looking for the right wedding announcement that accurately captures you and your big day? With us you have rich possibilities to create a great and original design of the look, material, text and font. We have a number of different technologies for producing announcements, both traditional and less common and very modern.
Choose a unique offer with us. We have a wedding announcement of different types, and you can obviously completely design your own. Choose from various kinds of papers, prints, graphic layouts, texts, colors. We have wedding wishes and invitations.
Non-traditional processing methods
For your original wedding announcement We also have unconventional methods of quality printing, such as screen printing, blindness or cuts, but also much more.

PVC windows

Are you building and looking for the best deals? Buy PVC windows from us. These have excellent insulating properties so you can save on heating your house. And if your house is in a more vibrant environment, you will surely appreciate these features, which significantly reduce the noise from the well.
Mount the PVC okn and just get it. From the very beginning of their use, energy savings are very clear, you are guaranteed to appreciate their maintenance-free, attractive appearance and longevity. Choose from a large selection of wooden decors and color options.
Quality and customer satisfaction
Choose a quality PVC windows from us and from the ordinary House will suddenly become a unique house, a house with a face. We place emphasis on quality as well as customer satisfaction is always the first.

Beautiful and elegant

Quality furniture made of solid wood-this is the goods we offer you. If you buy from our company, you have a guarantee of not only quality, but also attractive prices. Of course there is also a choice of different shades of furniture, which gives them, among other things, our method of pickling. You can learn more about us or our furniture on our website.
Furniture made of solid wood-living rooms
Among the furniture made of solid wood, which is designed especially for the living rooms of your houses, we rank mainly our sofas, living walls, but also tables, tables, chairs or various cabinets and accessories. Your living room can change constantly, because you can combine and complement our individual products differently.

Metal Racks

If you are the owner of a productive manufacturing company you know that without the practical equipment of the warehouse you do not have to. Our web portal is a reliable supplier and your companion. We will provide you with metal racks of all types and designs.
Metal Racks

All offer is immediately available. In the section metal racks you will find a precise description of each assembly. For you are important information about the size, capacity of shelves and assembly of the system. What products, in which conditions and how long you want to store them.
Guarantee is necessary

Modern systems are made of high-quality steel with a durable surface finish usable inside and in roofed outdoor warehouses. We guarantee the quality guaranteed by certified manufacturers. We will provide you with free-to-measure metal racks including volume discounts.

Planning a wedding?

We announce to you all who are planning to have a wedding, that if you do not know who to enter the wedding announcement, we are ready to provide you with the highest quality services you will require. You don't believe?

We know that having a wedding is a lot of work and worries, and it depends on lots of little things that you can easily overlook. We'll help you with the little ones. Even such a wedding announcement is a seemingly trifle, and it depends on even smaller but very important things, such as wedding cards, wedding cupcakes, napkins and other assortment, without which a proper wedding can not be circumvented.

Try it with us

How do you do that? We'll advise you. Visit our website and you will find that the wedding announcement that you enter with us can be produced at the same time with the other accessories and you save a lot of time and effort with the next furnishing. You get everything with us. So much success with the preparations!


It has been a period of time when you have a phone contact or a closer message to your car when you sell your car, or you have chosen to pass the information through your friends and acquaintances. You are spared today, use a motoadvertisement.
The most used is today online motoadvertising, the one that is available on the Internet. It is free, it brings together a large number of offers and it does not matter if you are a private advertiser or a carbazaar. They all have the same conditions. Motoadvertising contains cars of all ages, species, models, etc. It does not matter whether you are from Prague and you chose the car in Ashi, it is up to you what vehicle and from where you choose.
The differences between the portals are obvious!
Think carefully about which Web portal you can use for your offer or selection. With us we can promise you free advertising, daily update of the offer, a large number of categories and an offer of means of transport, which you would not otherwise have. Examples include buses, boats, aircraft, and technology.

Company with furniture semi-finished products

If you are interested in buying quality furniture semi-finished products, then we would advise you on our company and our great offer. The area of furniture blanks is very close to us because we have been in it for seventeenteenth year. The basis of our production and supply are the kitchen and furniture doors of various types. However, you can also buy in our wardrobe doors or unique furniture lighting.
Possibility of cooperation
Since our products are high-end, affordable and very popular, we can also afford to offer you a business cooperation option. You can order with us both the door and our other assortment for your own customers. We guarantee you serious negotiations, the best prices and also very strong support from our side. Please contact us for more information on the cooperation option.

Choose according to profile, colors, fittings and opening-windows

Do you know why plastic windows are practically the most widespread type of windows on the market at all? First of all, thanks to their properties-at a great price it offers acceptable use of comfort, durability, soundproofing and also thermal insulation. Often, this last aspect is the most important thing that people prefer when choosing Windows-Thermal savings.
Plastic windows

The company Decro Bzenec has been on the Czech market since 1995, which means that we have been offering quality at reasonable and affordable prices for 18 years. And we didn't stay in a single assortment. We offer plastic windows, but in our offer you can find also plastic doors or new and winter Gardens.
Against each other

Many people are against each other when they do not want to buy quality plastic windows. Nor is it that this investment can be returned to them in two or three years.

Mácha Lake

Looking forward to a holiday and wondering where to spend it? Bet on a proven holiday, such as Mácha's Lake. We offer cabins with four beds and a fridge. Cottages are perfect for a family vacation or holiday with friends.
Mácha Lake is located a 15-minute walk through the pine forest from the chalets, which lie in the old Splavy in the village of Elite. The campsite has shared bathroom facilities and showers, and there is a restaurant with a dining area. You can pay half board.

Holidays for all

Mácha Lake is an ideal holiday for everyone, because each of you, including children, will find fun for you. Attractions, sports, discos and adrenaline can be found at every step. You can go on excursions in the area or take a steamboat.

Stay calm

Are the celebrations associated with the end of the year and the advent of the new one, what does not lie to you? Don't you like the cheerful cheerless, so to speak on the command? Do you know that TV will not be entertained, because TV shows are not your cup of coffee? Still, do you know that even this year you can not completely ignore the waiting for midnight, and then you will wait impatiently and hope that the neighbors will not invite you to their area party?

We'll arrange it
We offer you the perfect opportunity to escape from civilization, we offer you the opportunity to spend waiting for that midnight completely according to your wishes, somewhere where peace, tranquility and you will be completely free. And where is such a paradise? There's a whole lot of them. Choose a cottage and cottage from our offer. The objects are located in many places of our Republic, it is not yet late to rent one at the end of the year.