Stay calm

Are the celebrations associated with the end of the year and the advent of the new one, what does not lie to you? Don't you like the cheerful cheerless, so to speak on the command? Do you know that TV will not be entertained, because TV shows are not your cup of coffee? Still, do you know that even this year you can not completely ignore the waiting for midnight, and then you will wait impatiently and hope that the neighbors will not invite you to their area party?

We'll arrange it
We offer you the perfect opportunity to escape from civilization, we offer you the opportunity to spend waiting for that midnight completely according to your wishes, somewhere where peace, tranquility and you will be completely free. And where is such a paradise? There's a whole lot of them. Choose a cottage and cottage from our offer. The objects are located in many places of our Republic, it is not yet late to rent one at the end of the year.